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  • Mercury based fillings (Amalgam fillings) have been the mainstay of fillings in dentistry for many years. There has been controversy over whether they are harmful or not?

    Norway , Denmark & Sweden have banned their use. Their use is still allowed in this country at present, although it is recommended not to place any in women who are pregnant.

    They certainly can last a long time, but because they do not bond to teeth, more tooth needs to be removed to make them stay in place and inevitably with time, leakage and decay occurs. Because they do not bond and strengthen teeth, as teeth flex during chewing, they will often fracture.

    At Stander Dental Care we have been 100% Mercury Free for over 6 years. We give our patients metal free fillings, usually in Composite or if very large, longer lasting Ceramic inlays and onlays which look beautiful, just like a new tooth, instead of a mouth filled with dark metal fillings.

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Dentist in Hornchurch - We give our patients metal free fillings, usually in composite or if very large, longer lasting ceramic inlays and onlays.